Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Does This Motivate or Overwhelm You?

Internet and Communications Technology is developing and growing at an incredible rate. It is expanding how far away and with how many people we communicate with and also creates (and improves?) new ways for people to reach each other - all the time.

Technology can be overwhelming for those who think they aren't keeping up or can't keep up with the latest breakthroughs, improvements and changes in the computer, communications, internet, and electronics realms.

The video here takes on an interesting perspective that might make some people feel better about the seemingly aggressive advancement of technology in our present world.

The viewpoint presented is that PEOPLE are STILL the driving force surrounding technology - even if some people think that 'the machines are taking over.'

This video has audio, but no 'scripted' speech or 'documentary voice', but it manages to get a strong message across. The graphics speak for themselves quite well here, however, if you find that you feel 'lost' while viewing - just 'Re-Play.'

I watched this 3 times, myself, just because I thought the video projected some effective, POWERFUL messages.

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