Saturday, May 19, 2007

Slightly Off Topic - Code Amber System

I thought that posting about the USA/Canadian Code Amber Alert Systems would be a little off-topic on this blog, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this blog is a perfect place to put tickers for the Code Amber Alert Systems.

Code Amber Alerts rely on a very unique and widespread SOURCE of help that most people don't even consider. This help is very effective in assisting law enforcement and child or family resources officials regain kidnapped or abducted children. The suprising SOURCE is none other than - the GENERAL PUBLIC! So really, ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE POSSIBLE is an excellent place to put Alert information!

Code Amber Alerts are real-time tickers online - and extensive broadcasting offline (Radio, TV, Billboard alerts) that are displayed and dispersed when there has been a questionable act against a child. Basically they occur when a child goes 'missing' and law enforcement authorities deem that the general public will be the best help in recovering the missing or kidnapped child (BEFORE any mortal harm is exacted upon the missing child).

Had the Amber Alert Systems been fashioned and implemented before 1996, a certain Amber Hagerman, formerly of Arlington Texas (for whom the entire Amber Alert system is named) might still be alive! Amber was out riding her bicycle and someone kidnapped this innocent little girl - then brutally murdered her. Had a Code Amber Alert been broadcast at the time, some of the witnesses who saw the killer with her at certain locations would have KNOWN that Amber should not have been with that person at all - and that she had been kidnapped. Someone might have reported a 'sighting' of Amber and law enforcement officials might have found her before the kidnapper had a chance to hurt her.

I am just sorry that I didn't find the information sooner which would allow me to put a ticker on this blog and offer more of the general public additional access to such a helpful system.

The tickers for both Canada and the USA are located in the left-hand column and I would very much appreciate - if you see the ticker 'blackened' or not functioning, please interact with me and let me know. Under regular conditions, the ticker will run messages explaining the program details, however, when an Alert is under way, the message area will have a Yellow/Amber background and contain details of the Code Amber Alert in progress. Again - if you see the tickers in a non-functional state, please contact me so that I can check on them and make sure that something hasn't occured due to Internet problems or some other cause - to render the tickers non-functional. I will do what I can to make sure the items get back to working status as quickly as possible!

Thank you - ahead of time!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Motivational Quotations Video

This video is almost 5 minutes in duration. Sit, relax, enjoy...